Recreational Users Information
What You Need to Know

As an area based tenure Timberline Resources Ltd. is limited on where it can harvest and, from time to time, finds it necessary to close trails or roads for safety reasons. After a number of meetings with individuals and groups who use the the forests for recreational purposes we found that, for the most part, people are not opposed to our harvesting. They do, however, want to know when their plans need to be changed due to trail or road closures. Another concern is the fear of the unknown: how big is the opening, what silviculture system is being used and how it will impact the trail.

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves we drew the conclusion from these meetings that there had to be a better way to communicate our plans to the general public. Hopefully, that ‘better way’ is this website, which will be routinely updated with maps that show:

  • road and trail closures,
  • trail rehab or relocation,
  • alternate routes, if available; and
  • timing of operations.

If you know of any organized events, such as the BC Bike Race or
Therapeutic Ride-a-Thon occurring in our area of operation, please contact us well in advance and we will work together on scheduling and routing.

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